Molly Weasley

I like her a little, even though she was unfair to Hermione here and there.

Ever since I saw the 'Agatha' character I thought "That's Molly!  That's how I picture Molly!!" and with a few changes here and there I now have her.  She's a year older than my mom, so I have a lot of women of her generation to go from.  I made her a litle heavier than most of the women I know, because good lord... if I had that many kids I would think that my body might be just a little worse for wear.  I have her as what I think of as just a little sexy because she and Arthur are still so much in love.  It's just such a huge part of her persona, all the love she gives.

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Dean and Seamus

This is sort of canon-ish.  I decided to do some secondary characters about a year after the war.  This is Dean and Seamus talking amongst the restoration efforts of Hogwarts.  Seamus is relaying how he blew up that bridge.  Just a little homage to what it might have been like shortly after the end of the war.

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Hunger Games Movie

We got to see this at Cinema Suites.  For anyone who doesn't know, it's a 21 or over establishment.  You may order food and beverages of all types.  I had a mixed-mushroom pizza with alfredo and a Pomgranate Cosmopolitan.  I did recline in my noisy lazy boy.  Not only that, but a very charming man who was a dead ringer for this was our waiter:

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Thank you, AMC theaters.  Next time for variety's sake may I have a Johnny Depp?  The gals sitting next to us told him that he looked just like him, and he blushed.  (so cute).  My friend was wrapped up in watching the Titanic trailer and he was waiting so patiently that I said "Yo, Chris here would like to take your order, you'll see people die in 3D soon enough!" and he blushed again.

Sorry, I enjoy my eye candy way too much.

The movie?  Amazing.  Rue made me wonder why I wore makeup, Jennifer Lawrence is a hell of an actor.  Cinna is all the warmth and encouragement you could ask of Lenny Kravitz.  Really, the only thing I didn't like as much was the blurry fight scenes.  I couldn't tell if I was teared up and my eyesight is going bad or if they did that on purpose.  Big chunks of the movie were blurry for me, so maybe it wasn't their fault.

Whoever did casting needs an oscar, because I don't know of any film beloved or not that had a better fit, and I'm including my sacred Harry Potter in this.  

My basketball team won their sweet 16 game by three points.  It's been a good night!  Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU.

And anyone who bothered to read this, have an amazing weekend. 

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Anyone have any good suggestions for pairings with Lucius?  (this is for a fest thing) I have to decide very quickly, I think, but rl and other things I am making are bogging my brain.

I love Hermione, but I do her ALL THE TIME.  And I love Snape, but again...

I was thinking about doing maybe a Pansy/Lucius (I don't know what I have against Narcissa, but she just doesn't really inspire me right this minute.)  Do you think Pansy is just too unlikeable?  

And I did this marauders picture quite a while back so the lighting is not very amazing, but I like how they turned out character-wise.  (I purposefully had Remus' skin a little gray, as if he's had a hard transformation or something).  So, sitting in the chair is Remus with his scarred face, then standing is Sirius, to the right of Sirius is James, and on the floor like the lowly rat he is, Peter.  Hogwarts days, a bunch of 18 year olds.

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Messed up conversations this week

I was giggling ALL WEEK LONG.  People are so damned funny, I love it.  

One child decided to randomly inform me that her grandpa "drinks a little alcohol".   You bet I took great joy in sharing the knowledge when her teacher came back into the room.  "Hey, tell Ms. Susie about your grandpa..."  "He drinks a little alcohol!"  :D  Sometimes I love my job.

Then, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get some new knives and a very cool Kapoosh holder. (I hate wooden knife slots, I really do.)  I go to a cashier in order to check out, and he apparently gets suspicious when someone is purchasing cutlery, because he felt the need to find out what I was going to be doing with three blister packs of knives.

Cashier- Will you need a gift receipt with this?

Me- No

Cashier- Well, is this on a gift registry?

Me- (a little taken aback) No.  It's for me.

Cashier- You sure do like knives.  

Me- (internally amused/appalled but discarding the temptation to get creepy on the nosy parker in case he is creepier than my imagination)  Yes, getting rid of the old ones, getting new ones.  

Then I giggled all the way back to work and told this to everyone I saw.  And whenever someone gets sassy with me, I'll remind them that I 'sure do like knives'.  

There have been SO many other conversations that just take too much backstory to appreciate, but I want every week to be this amusing.  

Love the tee shirt.

Hogwarts house brawl.  I really love this, and this site has a lot of interesting tee shirts.,guys

I just bought the one under this because I've never had a Beetlejuice tee shirt.,guys/style,shirt  

Actually, I'm not one for tee shirts that much, but my son is and I troll the internet looking for good ones for him.  I couldn't resist.